Live the wonderful art and culture in the heart of Mexico

Conference Venue: Gran Hotel Alameda Aguascalientes

The conference will be held at the Gran Hotel Alameda. This hotel has a beautiful architecture that will transport you to a historic age. It has a great location in one of the most emblematic avenues of the city, surrounded by the Ojo Caliente Springs, and close to our traditional carnival Feria de San Marcos celebrated yearly on April-May.

Address: Av. Alameda #821, Héroes, CP 20190, Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes.
Phone: +52 (449) 970 38 00

Conference Venue: Gran Hotel Alameda Aguascalientes

The conference will be held at the Gran Hotel Alameda. This hotel has a beautiful architecture that will transport you to a historic age. It has a great location in one of the most emblematic avenues of the city, surrounded by the Ojo Caliente Springs, and close to our traditional carnival Feria de San Marcos celebrated yearly on April-May.

Aguascalientes’ Museum

Neoclassical building with two courtyards, beautiful gardens, and quarry fountains. You will find beautiful sculptures made by Jesus F. Contreras, engravings by Francisco Díaz de León, paintings by Gabriel Fernández Ledesma, and works by Saturnino Herrán known as "The most painter of Mexicans and the most Mexican of painters".

Jose Guadalupe Posada Museum

José Guadalupe Posada was an engraving artist, a Mexican icon. Currently, the Museum has a collection of more than 3,000 pieces mostly from Posada, as well as its contemporary and co-worker Manuel Manilla, and other national and foreign renowned authors such as José Fors, Tamayo, Mimo Paladino, and others.

Espacio Museum

It is located in the Macro Space for Culture and the Arts (MECA) and is considered one of the largest cultural infrastructure works in the history of Aguascalientes. The enclosure occupies the old Aguascalientes railway complex.

Death National Museum

It has a collection of almost two thousand articles alluding to the death process and the Mexican traditions that revolve around it. This is a collection donated by the artist Octavio Bajonero Gil to the Autonomous University of Aguascalientes.

Contemporary Art Museum Number 8

It exhibits a collection made up of the awarded works in the National Contest of Students of Plastic Arts and in the National Encounter of Young Art. It has a representative collection of contemporary art from Mexico.

Escárcega Museum

The museum has an important collection of local, national and international graphics and paintings, both of modern and contemporary styles. It offers public temporary exhibitions, music, dance, theater, literature, cinema, workshops, and conferences.

Aguascalientes’ Cathedral

It is located in front of Plaza de la Patria, surrounded by historic buildings in the city center. Stresses its main cover, raised in quarry in the Baroque style. The central nave where the pulpit with turret is located, the choir with its tubular wooden organ, and above all the beautiful white marble cypress where is the image of the Virgin of the Assumption (patron of the city).

Morelos’ Theater

It was home for priests, then it became a hostelry and later an alhóndiga. The theater was designed by the Engineer Jose Noriega starting in 1883 and finishing its construction in 1885. Its neoclassic style with three semicircular arches at the front bolsters at the top and small medallions on the main doors.

Aguascalientes’ City Hall (murals)

It is of the neoclassical style in three vertical bodies and two levels in its North and South facades that keep similarity between them, except for the stairway that is in the latter one. The building was built around 1700 and is located in the southern part of the Plaza de la Patria on the east side of the Government Palace, on the corner that forms the Plaza de la Patria and Colón Street, in the historic center of the city.

San Marcos’ Garden

It is located in the heart of the San Marcos neighborhood. It is a public space, icon of the City of Aguascalientes, also of the famous National Fair of San Marcos. It houses various types of plant and tree species. It has paths throughout the garden.

Aguascalientes’ Monumental Bullring

Some will say that the highlight of this colonial treasure is the Fiesta Brava held at the Monumental Plaza de Toros. However, the Feria Nacional de San Marcos, the railway, watches, guava candy, embroidery, the balustrade of San Marcos Park, the temples, its architecture, and its beautiful sunsets are just as representative of its heritage and historical wealth as the Fiesta Brava.

San Antonio de Padua’s Temple

The church boasts a wide range of architectural styles, including gothic, neoclassical, baroque, Arabic and even Russian, which is reflected in the small copula on the main spire. Built from yellow, green, and pink quarry stone, all from the same region, the outstanding features of the church are the three spires. San Antonio Church is currently the most popular venue for those looking to tie the knot.

Guadalupe’s Temple and Gardens

Construction of the Church of Guadalupe took more than two decades. The baroque facade is made from carved quarry stone, as is the huge dome covered in Talavera tile, while the interior boasts rich, high-quality sculptural and pictorial decoration. The church is best admired from the atrium, where there is a sculpture of Pope John Paul II, carved from pink quarry stone. At the back of the church is the neo-gothic Chapel of Christ, the Most Holy.

El Encino Temple and Gardens

The church blends baroque, neo-classical and neo-gothic styles. The architecture of the facade and interior display design techniques in the curtaining and foreshortened columns. The gardens were created around 1890. The paths lead to the beautiful tile fountain at the center of the gardens, which are adorned with ironwork benches from where you can admire the Encino Church.

How To Get There

Lic. Jesús Terán Peredo International Airport (Aguascalientes’ International Airport)

It is an international airport located 24 kilometers south of the capital city of Aguascalientes, Mexico, which deals with national and international air traffic in the area. The commercial facilities of the airport consist of a terminal, which has 5 remote parking positions. The airport has become one of the most important terminals in the Central-West region of the country.

From Mexico City’s International Airport to Aguascalientes Bus Station

Estimated distance: 492 km.

Estimated time (plane): 1.5 hours.

Estimated time (bus): 7 hours.

Being in Terminal 1, Gate 1, of the Mexico City International Airport, you must travel to the North Bus Station, also in Mexico City. A taxi can charge approximately $ 200.00 Mexican pesos ($ 10 USD). Remember to use the taxis inside the airport that are authorized.

Either you may take a flight form Mexico City International Airport or you may take a bus to get to Aguascalientes.

We recommend traveling on ETN Turistar buses, which averarage price is $710.00 Mexican Pesos ($35 USD) if you buy it at the Bus Station. If you buy the ticket online it will cost $639.00 (ETN Turistar) or Primera Plus ($597 pesos at the window or $ 538 pesos via the internet). The travel time is on average 7 hours and the road is very safe.

Guadalajara’s International Airport

From Guadalajara’s International Airport to Aguascalientes International Airport:

Estimated distance: 250 km.

Estimated time (car): 3 hours.

From Guadalajara’s International Airport to Gran Hotel Alameda Aguascalientes:

Estimated distance: 222 km.

Estimated time (car): 2.5 hours.


Available direct (national and international flights) to Aguascalientes International Airport

  • Mexico City (MEX)
  • Cancun (CUN)
  • Tijuana (TIJ)
  • Houston (IAH)
  • Dallas (DFW)
  • Chicago (MDW)

Taxi and Uber (Aguascalientes)

Estimated distance from Aguascalientes International Airport to Hotel Gran Alameda (ISSDP 2020 venue): 26 km.

Estimated time: 30 minutes.

Once you arrive to the airport, you can only board authorized taxis, which can be easily distinguished and are paid directly at the checkout. The approximate cost of service to the city is $250.00 Mexican pesos (around $13 USD). The cost of the taxi can only be covered in Mexican pesos, so it is recommended to change money from your locations, because the currency bank at the airport is closed. There is an ATM at the airport of the HSBC bank and there is also the possibility of paying the taxi with a bank card, but the cashier must be indicated when requesting the taxi.

Taxis can be shared by up to four people and it is enough to indicate the hotel to which they are going to be transported by taxi. It is possible to say that, due to several problems between taxi drivers of the airport site and taxi drivers of Uber, it is only possible to order Uber leaving the airport facilities (it is possible to return to the airport in Uber).

Travel safety

  1. Be careful with valuable jewelry or other ítems, like gadgets that could be easily stolen.
  2. Make sure you have your bank and credit card information. Get the international phone number.
  3. Use registered taxis or Uber and avoid hucksters.
  4. Keep your important documents in the hotel safe.
  5. Talk to the hotel clerk or concierge about places you should avoid and tips for being safe in the area. They want your stay to be enjoyable and comfortable, and they know the specific community.