Julieta Lemaitre Ripoll

She has a Law degree from Los Andes University (1995), a Masters in Gender and Religious Studies from New York University (1998) and an SJD in Law and Social Theory from Harvard University (2007). Currently, she is a judge at the Justice Chambers of the Colombian Special Jurisdiction for Peace, created in 2018 to implement the transitional justice component of the 2016 Peace Agreements with the FARC guerrilla, and a faculty member of the Law Department at Los Andes University in Colombia. She is currently the investigating judge for the peace jurisdiction’s first macro-case: charges against the policy and practice of kidnapping brought against the former guerrilla leaders.
She has been Robina Human Rights visiting scholar at the Yale Law School (2014–2015) and PRIO global fellow (2014–2017). She has published articles in Third World Quarterly, Law and Society Review, Social and Legal Studies, Feminist Legal Studies, Stability, Disasters, I-CON, and the Harvard Human Rights Journal. She has authored several books such as El Derecho como Conjuro (2009), La Paz en Cuestión (2011) and El Estado Siempre Llega Tarde (2019); and she has also edited La Quintíada (2013) and Derechos Enterrados (2011).